Slowman Secure | Managed Security for Internet and Online Services

We take your browsing, personal data, business transactions and safety seriously.

Slowman managed security provide secure online services 24/7. We help to secure website users and their personal details with modern security and privacy options. These options also help to further secure your online transaction information form fraudulent or malicious third parties.


SSL Certification & Security

Our managed online services inclusing web and email hosting are secured with multi-level SSL encryption or provide compatibility with third party security platforms. In addition, our sites and services use platforms with integrated APIs and plugins which are monitored and secured.


Fraudulent Credentials

Fraudulent credentials and the improper use of actively safe and secure credentials is common-place among websites which harbor scams, fake-news, phishing and malicious content. We recommend always applying careful and vigilant browsing techniques especially when shopping or conducting business online. Using your in-built browser safety an security feature you can quickly detect a website, page or content's credentials. However it's also important to remember some poorer quality back-end security precautions used on eCommerce sites, may not be displayed in the site's front-end interface. In this case additional verification may be required.