Managed Audiovisual and IT Support Services

We provide managed services and fully supported products to simplify both life and business.

With friendly, patient and professional customer support at the heart of our support services, we're highly suited to partner with aged care, residential care and property management service providers. We take care of you and your customer's technical support needs.

Audio and hearing device support

Assisting with the pairing and configuring of your devices such as TV, Radio, Tablet, Phone or Notebooks. We will help make personalizing the device and applications more simple.

Technical support to assist with the usage, connectivity, pairing and configuring your specialized audio and hearing devices. We support a range of hearing aid device types including CIC, ITC, ITE and BTE from MEDca, Oticon, Phonak, Siemens, Sennheiser and others.

Audiovisual systems and installations

Signal flow issues, servicing, maintenance and upgrades of audiovisual systems for your in-home, office, commercial premises and facilities.

Problem solving, fault finding and resolution services to assist with your audiovisual systems and devices. We specialize in custom and modular audio systems. Device connectivity, integration and upgrades in this field are regular and fast-paced so we simplify everything including a retrofit or modernization.

Mobile device and apps support

There's a vast range of mobile devices out there using Android, iOS and other application platforms. Let us help you simplify any technical issues you face with these devices.

We support most popular device types including phones, tablets, netbooks, notebooks and dongles. Apple, Samsung, Google, HP, Microsoft, Huawei, Sony, Nokia, Razer, LG, Oppo, ZTE and many more common manufacturers are supported by our technical team.

Desktop and operating system support

Microsoft Windows, Google Chrome, Mac OS, Linux, Ubuntu and most applications which run on them all need a little TLC from time to time. We can help.

All popular Windows, Google Chrome and Mac OS versions are fully supported by our technical team. Through remote desktop, in-office, in-home or workshop device and application support servicing, we help you maintain a healthy, safe, secure and reliable operating system.

Network and connectivity support

Pairing devices via Bluetooth or WiFi, setting up your new NBN modem, configuring a network printer and connecting to a 3G/ 4G/ 5G mobile network is what we do, every day.

Our network and connectivity support services are highly suited to property and rental management service providers. Tenants and clients often require advice or support regarding these fault types and you're usually the first one to call. We provide remote and in-home technical support to help you get set-up and stay connected.

Data management services

Safe, secure, reliable and cost-effective management of your business and personal data is very important. We take the management of your data seriously.

Most providers of devices, operating systems, applications and web services are opting for cloud-based and virtual storage. Transitioning to new storage facilities like Onedrive, iCloud and Google Drive from your old devices or hard drives helps to make managing your data easier and more cost-effective. We help you manage the transfers and storage of your data in the most safe, secure and reliable way.

Data backup, rescue and restore support

Faulty hard drives, misplaced flash drives, forgotten passwords, stolen credentials, malware, phishing and ransomware are some of the threats to your data.

We rescue your personal and business data from a range of threats, faults and issues. We help you to backup to and restore from safe and reliable storage options. Our technical support team apply the highest standards of privacy and security with your most valuable digital assets and help to ensure your accessibility at all times.

Contact our technical support team to get started.