Friendly and professional technical support for your audiovisual and IT devices

With excellent customer service standards suited to aged care and property management providers.

Technical support for audio/ sound and hearing systems including installation, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Mobile device, desktop, laptop, media-drive, network drive, server and cloud-based backup support services.

Phone and internet service provider support (Carriers and VNOs) and network device connectivity services.

Managed desktop support for Apple, Google, Microsoft and mobile platforms.

Technical and device support for notebook, tablet and smart phone.

In-office and remote support services including next-gen smart office systems.

More audiovisual and IT services by Slowman

We provide a wide range of professional products and services including audiovisual devices and installations, data management, networking and office systems.

Slowman AVIT is now part of Simifix Australia

Simifix Australia (a CTYoung Enterprise) provides a range of managed technical support services. Existing Slowman AVIT or Design clients can access the new range of services. For more info please visit: or

Simifix Australia | Managed technical support services.

Managed Support Services & Products

Simifix Australia provides a range of services and products to reduce the cost, time, effort and resources required for smart modern business operations.

Managed Audiovisual & IT

Creative Design Services

Slowman Design is an exclusive creative design services provider specializing in tailored offerings for founders, Startups and SMEs.

Slowman AVIT is now part of Simifix Australia (a CTYoung Enterprise).