About us

We are dedicated to business development. Keeping small business and startups are at the heart of our customer base.

Our Profile

We're based in Perth, Western Australia and have been developing our service offering since 2012. We provide managed services for clients of various sizes. Our managed services enhance your business capabilities even on the tightest budget.

We specialize in web-based design and development including eCommerce and online business optimization. Our audiovisual and IT support services are provided through excellent customer service and friendly support technicians.

We provide simple, cost-effective and reliable management services for your business needs. We help Australian and overseas business to scale, modernize and simplify their capabilities in the Australian marketplace. Our offering is suitable for small business and startups as well as established business entering new markets.

Our Network

Working with our customers, partners and suppliers, we are building an advanced network of service providers, technical support experts and creative thinking.

It's important for any business to grow in a sustainable way so that is why we build such close working relationships with our customers. As they grow we grow and as they succeed we succeed. As we benefit through one working relationship, we pass these benefits on to other customers.

There are advantages to maintaining an updated and expanding professional network. But time and cost are big limitations to profitable professional network of suppliers, vendors, distributors and marketplaces. Connect with Slowman AU because we are well networked already. This will help you to stay one step ahead of the competition, one step ahead of the market trend and get your value for money.

Our Aspirations

We aspire to accommodate your business needs today and your needs tomorrow, by providing updated, competitive and effective services in a simple manner.

We work with a diverse customer-base in different industries. Our services are constantly evolving with the development of our client's capabilities. Our approach to managed services is to consistently go further and with each new customer we can also strengthen our offering to existing customers. We ensure maximum effectiveness of our products and services in the lives and businesses of our clients and their customers.

Eco-friendly Business Practices

In 2016 we made the decision to go 99% paperless (or as paperless as we possibly could).

This meant modernizing most of our systems. For many businesses this process can be a huge and costly project. But when it's coordinated correctly, the process is simple, and the effects are immediate.

We can already see the benefits as we've managed to save time, effort and money. We're ready to help your business to become modern, eco-friendly and cost-effective with our managed services.

Privacy Policy & Principles

Honesty, accountability and trust lay the foundation of our directive.

We are committed to gaining and maintaining your trust by following a core set of privacy principles. We respond to client inquiries and participate in industry programs, having adopted privacy practices that are consistent with applicable country, state and local data protection laws.

We provide clear notice of our privacy practices through a single privacy policy that is readily accessible across all our services and products. We also provide clear information about its online advertising practices. For more details check out our privacy section.

Billing, Payment & Transaction Security

Our online services and products may be processed automatically using online payment facilities.

We use PayPal™ Secure Checkout to safely handle the transaction and provide secured sharing of your personal details with us.

We also provide off-line client billing facilities which enables our clients to manage their accounts, billing and payments using preferred or traditional methods including PayPal™, Bank TT and EFT.

Forward thinking and dedicating ourselves to constant re-development, has also proven to be a valuable resource to our company. Our 'forward-ever' approach is founded upon the feedback and recommendations of our customers, suppliers and contemporaries alike.

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