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At Slowman Design we take your browsing, personal data, business transactions and safety seriously.

We endeavour to provide secure online services 24/7. We provide customers and their website customers alike with modern security and privacy options which aim to protect personal data and online transaction information form fraudulent or malicious third parties.

Secure Site Seal

Many of our site hosting services include multi-level SSL certification and encryption or provide compatibility with third party security systems. While our template-based site platforms are secured and/ or encryptedin the back-end, server-side or through additional APIs and plugins.

If you see one on the Secure Site seals (icons or logos) as below on a client's site, then you are being advised that a level of security precautions are active/ or in place on the website, page or content you are viewing. By clicking on one of these seals you will open a link to a page or content hosted by Slowman Design which details the credentials of the website, page, content or business owner.

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Fraudulent Credentials

Fraudulent credentials and the improper use of actively safe and secure credentials is common-place among websites which harbor scams, fake-news, phishing and other malicious content. At Slowman we recommend always applying careful and vigilant browsing techniques especially when shopping or conducting business online. Using your in-built browser safety an security feature you can quickly detect a website, page or content's credentials. However it's also important to remember some back-end security pre-cautions in place on sites and ecommerce platforms may not be displayed in the site's front-end interface. In this case additional verification may be required.

Slowman Design Powered sites (SDP Sites) and related services which feature a Secure Site Seal (icon or logo) as per the above will have a click-through link to a secure page hosted by Slowman and detailing the credentials of the owner. Where a Secure Site Seal (icon or logo) as above is featured and no click-through link exists, or the link leads to a third party hosted (unsecured) site, page or content we recommend reviewing their credentials in depth. It is advised that such activity is most likely fraudulent or malicious in nature.

If you see an SDP Secure Site Seal (icons or logos) in place on a suspicious site where no click-through link or SDP hosted credentials exist or are actively in place, please contact us immediately.

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